About Juan

Juan Pablos GelisI started business as a sole trader in 2006 setting up JP Gelis Productions, a company which imported decorative products from Argentina to be distributed in stationery and toy shops all across Ireland. This made me gain very valuable experience in the trading industry in the country, especially in festivals, street markets and a wide range of events.However, in early 2010 I decided to pursue an old dream and as a result my business took a new and exciting path.

“I wanted this project that was on my mind since I arrived in Ireland in 2000 to become finally REAL: to own an Argentine stall serving traditional food, introducing our Argentine culture through food, especially our well known grilled meats, to the Irish market”

Although I studied Film Directing and Photography in Argentina, my passion for cooking has been within me forever. As a child I used to help my mother to cook and quickly became the official “mash potato and fried beef maker” of the family. I was also always fully in charge of making huge, delicious barbeques both in my family´s home and my friend´s in Dublin and as a result I became the official “parrillero” (bbq boy) in every event. My first job in Ireland was as a Breakfast Chef in a well-known hotel in “ The Leeson Inn Hotel”, where my Irish breakfasts received great compliments everyday. This really boosted my self-confidence in the kitchen so I got determined to expand my cooking skills as further as possible.

In 2010 I began running a new business, ‘Argentino Grill’, a small catering company serving high-quality, mouth-watering Argentine style dishes in street food markets, festivals, events and in private parties with great success.

I am totally committed to this new venture and I am working enthusiastically to position Argentino Grill as a very well-known and respected Argentine food catering company in Ireland.